Quest for the Crest Final Sail

April 17, 2018

Location: Key West, FL Final Sail is the 'grand finale' of the 4-leg Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series. Final Sail brings a fun twist to the event for participating teams as well.  Of course there will be huge money at stake for the teams that release the most sailfish and claim victory at the championship leg of the series. But what about the Final Sail?  The name is a bit of a double entendre.  Yes, it earned it's name in part as the final leg of the series, BUT, there will also be more on the line for the teams and their 'final sail' in the tournament.  The confirmation # for each team's final sailfish release in the tournament will be recorded and entered into a drawing where teams will have the chance to win cash and prizes for their 'final sail' of the season!

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