Chris Downey

Yacht Broker


It all started during the Summer of 1977 for Chris, he was 3 and was about to embark on his first offshore fishing trip with his dad and uncle out of Myrtle Beach, SC., that trip not only changed the path for Chris but it transformed him into the steward of the seas he is today.  Every summer from that trip on was spent on the water, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Boynton Beach, Delray, Boca Raton, Costa Rica, Bermuda and everywhere else in between, is where he spent his free time.  The ocean is his drug of choice.  It is no wonder he ended up here at Downey Yacht Sales next to his best friend and dad working side by side.

e get here?  Upon graduating high school he went to NC State for a brief period of time but the Ocean kept calling.  So he went home, dropped off his bags and joined the US Navy, he was enlisted and assigned to the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 where he spent 5 years serving our country.  During his 5 years in the US Navy, he spent approximately 4 years on the water traveling the world.  With an honorable discharge from the US Navy he took on the challenge of selling radio advertising sales with Clear Channel in Orlando.  It was there where he began his sales career.  In 2002 he moved to Greenville, SC and continued selling radio advertising and working his way into management.  But still the ocean kept calling.  In 2004 he married, in 2005 his first daughter was born, Elle and they had 2 more daughters Piper in 2009 and Isla in 2013 (all 4 years a part).  In 2015 the call of the ocean was so strong Chris and his family packed up everything and headed to South Florida and he was running a group of radio stations in North Palm Beach and 6 months into that he left and began working with his dad selling boats.

Chris now works side by side with his father Tom, travels the world selling the best boats built and when he can get away he loves to fish as many tournaments as possible such as White Marlin Open, Mid-Atlantic, Custom Shootout, White Marlin Round Up, The Bermuda Series, etc..  Chris looks forward to the day when he can bring his daughters with him during the tournaments and one day hopes they too live out their dreams.  His free time is spent with his daughters out on their boat running to the keys and the Bahamas with family and friends.