White Marlin Open

August 4, 2014


     288 boats have registered for the 2014 White Marlin Open and will compete for a share of the estimated $2,600,000 in prize money for catches of white and blue marlin, tuna, dolphin and shark. Each boat is permitted to fish any 3 of the 5 fishing days and the good offshore weather forecast for Monday should result in most of the boats fishing tomorrow. That should produce a great show for the thousands of fans that pack the inlet well before dawn to cheer on the boats large and small as they journey 60 miles or more offshore to the edge of the Gulf Stream in pursuit of the gamefish. It should also result in a busy weigh-in at the scales at Harbour Island for both anglers and multitude of spectators that flock to watch as lottery sized fortunes are won and lost at a tip of the scale. The 288 boats is a 10% increase over last year's 262 entries. About half of the boats are from Maryland, boats, Captains and crews traveled from Florida, North Carolina, Virginia Beach, Delaware and New Jersey to fish the event. Among the boats entered is last year?s big money winner, "Kingfisher." and angler Tom Jones Jr who won $1,200,000 for his first place 83 pound white marlin.

Weigh-ins are held Monday through Friday from 4 to 9:15 PM at Harbour Island each day and are free to the public.

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